Naphta Consulting International (Naphta) is an independent Drilling, Testing and Completion
Management Services Company est. in 2005. It has offices in Dubai and Erbil.

Naphta is registered with the MNR in Kurdistan

Naphta has been operating continuously in Kurdistan since November 2005. During this period a total of 40 wells have been successfully managed without a major incident. All the reservoirs drilled have
been sour, highly fractured carbonate reservoirs with pore pressure regimes ranging from less than 6ppg to over 18ppg EMW.

The scope of work for the projects includes project management, civil works, drilling engineering,
H.S.E., fluid engineering, geological supervision, testing, completion, contracting, environmental
remediation, materials control and procurement.

In addition Naphta also provides field based supervisory personnel.

Naphta Philosophy

The principle working model of Naphta is to provide an Integrated Services Team to manage
a project from inception to completion.

The model is tailored, depending on an individual clients specific requirements.

The core team is then supplemented by additional disciplines as the project matures through
its life cycle.